Monday, February 20, 2012

On becoming a chewer

There is clearly a reason why we do not remember when our teeth emerged.

It must be the most miserable experience a human being can have.

Teething seems to turn my otherwise smiling, happy children into fussy, frowny, irritable beings who cannot be comforted but by nursing or sleeping.

As I watch the misery of my normally-smiley Belle, I can't help but feeling that this process is kind of inefficient. Couldn't God have designed a less-painful, more streamlined way for us to get our teeth? After all, teeth are pretty important, in the grand scheme of things. We really need them...and yet, we are not born with them and have to acquire them through this long, drawn-out period of hurting.

I'd like to note, for the record, that our fraternal twin girls are not going through this process simultaneously (or if they are, LadyBug is experiencing little to no pain so that we are unaware of it). This seems like a blessing. One inconsolable sufferer is better than two, I think.