Friday, March 2, 2012

Giggle more

I sometimes play around on Pinterest when I'm nursing the babies. With two to feed, I spend a lot of time in a rocker with one or the other baby (or both babies!) in my lap, and if they are not feeling particularly chatty while having their meals, I have learned to make use of the time. I'll answer e-mails, return texts, pay bills...anything I can do from my phone. 

The other night, I saw that someone had pinned this little card, which made me smile.

The problem with worrying is that it never changes anything. And my worrying always seems to get worse at night, when there's nothing anyone can do about whatever it is, anyway.

Giggling is equally unlikely to change anything, but it feels so much better than worrying!

Tonight, as I'm going to bed, it hits me. There will always be things to worry about. There will also always be dreams, and sunsets, and chocolate chip cookies, and tickling. There is a choice for each of us to make each day...and sometimes over and over again within the day. Where will I focus my energy? Where will I place my trust? Am I going to be distracted with worries? Or am I going to notice how great things really are right where I am right now?

I snuggle beneath the covers, thinking of my infant daughters across the hall, my sleeping son tucked into his bed, my husband doing yoga in the living room, and I realize that I am joyful...that I am blessed by this existence, by the privilege of being with these people, of sharing a life and a space with them.

How blessed we are. How thankful I am. And as I fall asleep, I breathe in peace.

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