Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TWD: Spring Break.

My Tuesday with Dorie is going to be late this week.

Today is Tuesday, and it's a Dorie Tuesday, with a yummy new recipe to try. We're on spring break, though, with George home from work all week, and with all the fun day trips and home improvement projects, TWD crept right up on me and surprised me! We have so many things going at once, and I just can't bear to be inside any more than I have to. So no baking project today. I hope to get to it next week (or maybe over the weekend) and post about it then.

Here's a snapshot of what we are up to today:

It's perfect weather for line-drying diapers, and they could definitely use a little sun.

It seems I always end up re-hanging everything to consolidate a bit and make the clothespins I have stretch further. Instead of 2 pins per diaper, this is like 3 pins for every 2 diapers...and even that wasn't quite enough. Good thing I am resourceful (and it's not a windy day like we often have here...I'm not sure they'd stay put in a stiff wind).

The clothesline and clothespins and diapers reminded me of being a kid at my Gram's house and making forts with the sheets on the line when she hung out her wash. I thought fondly about that for a few minutes and then decided to give her a call. She and Gramp were about to head out for a walk, but it was nice to chat for a few minutes. The Boy and I might need to make a sheet fort later when the clothespins are available again.

George and The Boy went to the co-op and got deck screws to reinforce the play structure. They picked up a little something extra, too. It's early - we should wait until Sunday - but we didn't.

The weather is so lovely here, and we're building raised beds for our vegetable garden and planting flowers. I pulled piles of weeds during nap time and was too hot and sweaty to go back out to take pictures of them. You'll have to use your imagination.

We also have a few trees to plant - volunteers from our friends Mark and Wendy. There are redbuds, a dogwood, some persimmons, and a scarlet oak. I can't remember which is which, but I know Wendy will know and can help me figure out where to put them. Thank goodness for friends with superior plant knowledge!

Tomorrow is zoo day - we'll be going to DC for the day to visit the National Zoo. We are all so excited. The Boy can't wait to ride the Metro and see the tigers. I promise to take lots of pictures and let you all know how it goes.

And now, some gratuitous baby cuteness:

Happy Tuesday of Holy Week to you all.