Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thankful birthday.

Yesterday, it was my birthday. I spent it smiling and feeling thankful for the following things (among others):

1. I am not on bedrest. Last year, I spent my birthday in bed, unable to get up except to use the bathroom, fearful that if I moved any more than necessary, I might be endangering the lives of our twin girls. My birthday was day 2 of the twelve week bedrest. Yesterday, I got to go outside, ride in the car, walk with my family, chase my son on his tricycle and push him on the swing, sweep my kitchen floor, and do generally whatever I wanted to do. This morning, I went on a run with a friend. I am grateful for the freedom to move and to do.

2. My girls are alive and healthy. A year ago, we were afraid they might not make it, that they might be born too early, that they would have to struggle and fight for life. Today, they are blossoming, thriving, happy girls who smile, giggle, and do just what other babies their age do. They are 9 months old. I am grateful for their lives, which are so much easier than we thought they might be.

3. Our community of friends and family is strong and vibrant. You turned out for us when we needed support this past year...you cooked meals, you helped care for our son, you cleaned our floors and washed our clothes and brought us groceries and mulched our flower beds. You sat with us when we were afraid of what was to come. You unpacked our boxes and hung our curtains. You loaned us movies and books, and you taught me to knit and crochet. You moved pianos for us. You prayed for us, called us, and sent us cards. You were here, and you still are here (even though we are all glad that we can function on our own a little more now!). The world is a better place when people are community for each other, and our world is so much brighter because of the light you bring into it. I am so, so grateful for each and every one of you and for your presence in our lives. Thank you.

I have every reason to be optimistic that this year will be easier in many ways than last year was. This will be welcome, because last year was one of the hardest of my life so far. I will always be grateful, however, for the things I learned last year, both about myself and about my friends. It is good to find out that you are stronger than you thought. It is better by far, though, to find out that when you are at your weakest, your friends and family love you enough to be strong for you and to help carry you until you can stand on your own again.

Thank you for everything you are and everything you have done.