Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Preschool Cooking Adventures: July.

Yes, we know that gingersnaps are not typically made in mid-summer. Neither are gingerbread men, which The Boy originally wanted to make.

Sometimes, it doesn't matter. All that matters is being together and doing something we both love.

We have had a bumpy week here with some real ups and downs. This morning, I was just glad to have some uninterrupted time to spend with my little guy while his sisters took their nap.

When he asked to bake gingerbread men, I said, "Sure."
We didn't have everything we needed to make those, but he quickly decided to do gingersnaps instead.

Emboldened by our peanut butter ball success, I let him do pretty much all of it. This was his idea, so I figured he should take the lead. I was his helper this time instead of the other way around.

Roll the dough into balls and dip them in sugar.

We used McCormick's gingersnap recipe for the cookies. (Wow, that was a lot of shortening.) They are really tasty, though - chewy and just spicy enough.

His notable quotes:

    Place the balls about 2 inches apart
    on the baking sheet.
    (Yeah, I made some of those.)
  • "Any recipe where we get to use the electric mixer is my favorite."
  • "I'd rather cook than eat. No, I still get to eat what I cook, right?"
  • "What do you think are the chances of having cookies for lunch?"
  • "I'm happy we chose something that doesn't involve refrigerating the dough - that just takes way too long. I have, like, zero patience for that."

Set the timer for 12 minutes.
 They baked for 12 minutes (and were done in 12 minutes, which was a surprise. Usually, our oven needs a minute or two longer than the recipe states, but not this time.)
They were bigger than the gingersnaps I'm used to, but we still ended up with 32 instead of expected 24. (Of course, there are only about a dozen left now!)

 The Boy's review:
"This dough tastes like Christmas. We should just go ahead and bake all our Christmas cookies right now, don't you think?"

This will be fun to clean up later.