Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A roundup (in an attempt to catch up)

Sometimes, life moves at the speed of slugs.

These days are the ones when I find myself looking at the clock four times before nine in the morning and wondering how it can possibly be the same day, much less the same hour.

Sometimes I make coffee twice on those days, just to get through.

It was a glorious summer of having George home with us a lot (as he was doing some part-time counseling work while his students were out of school, but not working full days). This week, we have been re-learning the rhythm of a full day at home with Daddy at work.

I remember that I can, indeed, do this on my own. I did it before. I am doing it now. Everyone will survive.

I can't shake the feeling (yet) that I'm missing a pair of hands. I think this is okay. I am, in some ways, actually missing a pair of hands. I can still manage, just not quite as easily. And yeah, the days are kind of slug-paced right now. Yet somehow, with all there is to do, I feel like I haven't had time to catch up on writing - hence this roundup post. As I write it, I'm reminded that some things about life are actually moving quite fast.

Here's what we've been up to this week:

The Boy, who continues his quest to be the youngest astronaut ever, has been voraciously consuming information on planets and space and rockets and everything related. During the sisters' nap times this week, he and I have been doing "space stuff."(Here is some of what we have been doing, in case you missed it.) He is also planning his fourth birthday party with a space theme. It's just about a month off, which is incredible. It seems like not long ago that we were making arrangements for his third birthday. It's been a full year.

After lunch but before everyone's naptime, in that potentially-about-to-go-horribly-wrong 20 minutes or so of the day, The Boy and I have been singing and playing songs at the piano. We get out rhythm instruments for the sisters and let them go to town. The Belle is a percussionist, experimenting with new sounds, hitting the drum head with blocks and Thomas the Tank Engine and whatever else she can reach. The Bug seems content to shake her little tambourine. The Boy plays his yellow ukelele. It's been a hoot to watch, and it makes the time pass more quickly until I can put them down for naps. (And yeah, most days I end up counting down until naptime. I think most stay-at-home parents do. If they say they don't, I think they are being less than truthful or that they drink more coffee than I do.)

I got new running shoes. And a haircut. Both are working out great. I did a seven mile run on Saturday and am feeling on track for the half-marathon in November. So far, so good. Running continues to make me grateful. I'm moving away from the 3 minutes of running/1 minute of walking intervals and am just running more now. Things are feeling pretty okay, although I don't feel as strong as I'd like. (I guess 12 weeks of bedrest will do that to you. I plan to treat this as a "let's see what my body can do" kind of race and try to have a good time.)

The Boy has discovered The Magic Treehouse series of books by Mary Pope Osborne and is eating them up. He likes us to read a chapter or two to him before naptime and again before bedtime. I'm happy to have found something with an interesting storyline that isn't too scary for him and can last more than one afternoon. After we read Stuart Little earlier this year, he really wanted to do more chapter books, but we had trouble finding things that were a good fit (as most of the things we saw were more for kids who are 7 or 8, not almost 4). I'm glad there are a lot of these books as he's "really, really, really interested into those" (his words). It's also nice that our little local library has most of the series available for checkout. We got two more of them yesterday (hey, there's nothing wrong with multiple trips to the library in the same week, right?), and he started reading Midnight on the Moon on the way home. I have a feeling this one will go especially quickly because of the subject matter.

We had to lower The Belle's crib mattress after I found her standing up, holding onto the rails after nap one day this week. This makes it more challenging to pick her up out of the crib while holding The Bug. Now I don't just need more hands, I also need longer arms.

Thursday, August 23rd was the feast day of St. Rose of Lima (the patroness of Peru and the first American to be made a saint). We've fallen a bit off track with our liturgical celebrations (or, I have fallen off track writing about them). I wanted to do something to celebrate the feast but wasn't sure of my Peruvian cooking skills.  Instead, The Boy and I made a chocolate cake (his idea, after reading Thundercake by Patricia Polacco, another of our library selections this week). Maybe not that liturgically appropriate, but still delicious. (How can you go wrong with chocolate buttercream frosting?)

On Thursday, I'll be flying out to Portland, Oregon with my baby girls and my mom to visit with my sister, Laura. Laura's in Oregon next week for a songwriter's workshop, and it seemed like a good time for a meetup. This will be the girls' first flight. I have made up little baggies for our future seatmates with chocolate and earplugs, just in case we need to smooth things over...but please pray that it goes smoothly for us. I have a feeling that the mother with infant twins on the flight is probably not the most popular person on the plane, at least not initially.

The Boy and his dad have a great adventure planned at the Baltimore Aquarium next weekend while the girls and I are away.

Stay tuned for stories from our travels in Portland and Baltimore. Until then, I think we're caught up!