Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Attention deficit

--- 1 ---
This is my first time participating in 7 Quick Takes. My mind right now is all over the place- and I expect my writing is, too- so doing this is somewhat self-indulgent. I had lunch with a new friend today and was acutely aware of my increasing inability to focus on anything- it seems to go hand in hand with being the mother of infant multiples and a preschooler.

Dear new friend (and anyone else who ever hangs out with me), I'm not trying to be rude by never making eye contact with you or finishing a coherent thought. It's just that Baby A is stuffing chicken nugget into her ear and Baby B is choking on her cracker and SuperSam just spilled his whole fruit cup onto the floor under the table (and is crawling after it under the bench, yelling "5 second rule!"). I don't even know where to look, but I promise I do care about you and what you just said.

--- 2 ---
I'm noting the abundance of portmanteaus these days as everyone tries to come up with a new name for the biggest storm we have ever seen in our lives that is about to probably most likely crush us in its path whatever path it takes and make us live in the dark eating toilet paper or something equally horrible until Election Day. My favorite so far is Snor'eastercane.

--- 3 ---
Assuming we can dig our way out of the snowicane to go trick or treating, Halloween costumes are still up in the air here. SuperSam is now saying he will go as a dinosaur (a much simpler, albeit less interesting plan than his original request to be the solar system). It looks like I'm taking the easy way out with the Sisters and using the two hand-me-down store bought costumes we already have...a ladybug and a butterfly. They'll be cute no matter what they wear- they are twin baby girls. I'm planning to go as a frazzled, slightly insane-looking mother of multiples and a preschooler. I think I can be convincing.

--- 4 ---
We cooked at home every night this week. I write our meal plan up on the dry erase calendar every week, and we only buy the things that are on the list to make those meals. This is a one-income household now, after all, so we have to be pretty stingy about takeout and restaurants. Most weeks, though, there's still a hiccup (at least one) in the plan, and we have to rearrange things. This week, everything went according to plan. We even have leftover curry. Why is this so gratifying? It's as if my personal self-satisfaction has climbed several points just from following a menu plan that I created myself. Today the menu...tomorrow, the world (or maybe just the laundry). Anyway, it felt good.

--- 5 ---
My last long run is tomorrow (well, hopefully not my last one ever, but my last one before this race). After tomorrow's 10 miler, I'll officially be in taper, which I officially dislike. It's unreasonable how grumpy it makes me to not be able to run (especially considering how little I've been running during training this time around). I'm getting antsy just thinking about it.

--- 6 ---
The Snor'eastercane could make taper more bearable. If we get a bunch of flooding and/or snow here, I'll be more likely to want to stay inside and not run. And bake things. And eat them. Wait, that sounds like a bad combination.

--- 7 ---
I got a package full of CDs from my wonderful sister this week - all kinds of new music! Cat Power, Bruce Springsteen, Fiona Apple, First Aid Kit, Abigail Washburn, Jack White, and a bunch of other stuff all mixed up. How lovely. Oh, and Andrew Bird's new album is streaming free on The Guardian here. This would be a good week to stay inside and listen to music and knit stuff for Christmas. Hey, maybe we'll get a really big storm, and I'll be able to do just that.

If you made it all the way to the end, this is the last stop on tonight's attention deficit stream of consciousness tour. Thanks for joining me. 

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