Thursday, October 11, 2012

The start of a new normal

What is the sound of no keys typing?
It has been a silent couple of weeks for this blog.

Apparently, the way I handle stress is to curl in, get quiet and take stock. I gather myself up, consider my options, assess my resources. I test things out with a close friend or two.

I've done all of those things in the last two weeks. Now, it's time to share with you all.

On his fourth birthday, my son requested that we call him SuperSam all day. We did. (That's also how he will be known henceforth on the blog.)

On his fourth birthday, he had cake, a balloon, a few presents, and a trip to the pediatric neurologist. He now has a diagnosis of complex partial seizures caused by focal epilepsy.

This is something a lot of kids outgrow. We hope for that to be the outcome for him. Until he's six, he'll be on medication to control the seizures. We are all adjusting to that.

Other than this one piece of huge-feeling news, things are normal...which, as you know, means loud, chaotic, and someplace between hilarious and maddening.

And since I have come out of my stress-processing cocoon, you can expect to hear from me a bit more regularly.

I'll get some birthday party pictures up for you as quickly as I can, along with some updates about what the children are doing these days.

As always, we covet your prayers for our family and treasure your friendship and support. Thanks for journeying with us.