Friday, March 8, 2013

Five-Minute Friday: Home

It was always supposed to be green. I fully intended to repaint it (once we were moved in, unpacked, settled...maybe after the babies were born)...but as I lay in bed for twelve whole weeks, working at the hardest kind of doing nothing, engaged in a primal mama struggle to protect and nurture life, the odd, unexpected blue soothed me, held me safe and close, cradled my anxious soul in perfect, embracing calm. It was the color of the ocean, maybe, or the sky I couldn't see...the color of peace or of heaven itself. Beams of light moved across the walls from morning until evening in those long, empty days, filling my heart with hope, gently shifting shapes as shadows shortened, then lengthened...smooth, soft motions, like mothering God stroking my hair.

And sometimes now, when my sleepy eyes pull themselves reluctantly open in response to a cry, a song, a "Mama!", the now-familiar blue washes over me, sunlight dancing in the corners as it did all those long, long days when my body was still their home and I was learning to love this new home of mine.

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Five Minute Friday