Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Moon-Day.

SuperSam is fond of reminding us that the days of the week are named for the same gods from which the planets get their names, and he frequently tells us which planet is celebrating his or her special day.

Today is the moon's day. He calls her Luna. Apparently, she had some fun with our camera over the weekend. I uncovered the evidence this morning.

These pictures have an oddly familiar feel from another time in my kind of looks like Luna and Earth had a party in their dorm room. Consider the other photos on the camera:

Is that Jupiter in Luna's dorm room?

I'm not even sure who this did he get in?

Saturn looks very...relaxed...

Oh, shoot! The RA is coming!

No party is complete without Maurice Sendak.


I'm not sure what happened, but it seems like the party broke up after the dinosaur arrived.

We might not ever get the story behind the pictures, since SuperSam is denying that he borrowed the camera. This is most likely because his dad explicitly said on Sunday afternoon, "No, you can't use the camera right now, because it's nap time." The moon is waning now, so hopefully she'll stay out of trouble for the rest of the month.

Happy Monday.