Thursday, March 14, 2013

Theme Thursday: Green

All week, I have been so happy envisioning the lovely, lively, vibrant photos I was going to take of real, live outdoor plants.

Alas, we have no such plants. We don't even have grass yet. Even the weeds are brown, and there are still clumps of snow in our yard, too. 

Ever-prepared, I had a backup plan to go lie in my friend Megan's side yard under her bushes and take a photo of her crocuses.

Who was I kidding? Packing all of us up to go out of town (and the laundry that accompanies this task) took priority over the planned crocus-stalking.  We have clean (not green) underwear in our suitcases, but I didn't get to go hunting for the plants.

Instead of waiting until this Sunday to take pictures (when I'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day all decked out in green for the half-marathon!), I'm sharing what I've got now. Life is often about doing what you can with what you have...and this week, my pictures fit that theme as well as any other.

For more (better focused, better edited, more plant-centric) takes on Green, visit Clan Donaldson and check out the other photos.

Green onions in the window a la Pinterest, spider plant with brown tips because my thumbs are not green, SuperSam's little grass-head guy who has no grass coming out of his head yet, kitchen sink which (hopefully) has nothing green in it.
Green barn, green roof, green, grass, bad reflection in the car window as we pass at 55mph. Why am I even sharing this one?
SuperSam, George and Lucy take the rest area by storm...there's more and more green all the way down I-64 (and plenty of daffodils in the median, too...should I have made him stop the car so I could leap out with my camera?)