Friday, April 5, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Changes edition

What's the quickest way to catch everyone up on all the stuff I haven't told you in the last few weeks? Why, play along with 7 Quick Takes, of course! We'll call this the "Changes" edition, for reasons that will become obvious.

Feel free to enjoy some Bowie while you read, if you like!


--- 1 ---
C is for Cargo Space...something we have more of now that we are driving a minivan. I know, if anyone needed a minivan, we did...but I was kind of proud of how we were still managing to squeeze everyone into our super fuel-efficient Camry after 18 months of being a family of five. I also confess that I've never wanted to drive a minivan and that I'm still not totally in love with this one...but when I open the back and there's that vast, open space in which to deposit my multiple gallons of milk and my Costco take and bake pizza and there's still ample room for the double stroller, I do kind of swoon a little.

--- 2 ---
H is for Half-Marathon...which I ran on St. Patrick's Day. My post-twins runner's body has seen its share of changes, for sure...but that did not stop me from taking 33 minutes off my time from November and coming within 5 minutes of my all-time PR. Take that, 26 year old self with no kids. The mama of 3 has still got it. Whatever "it" is. Anyway, it was fun.

--- 3 ---
A is for Alleluia, because I am so thankful it has come out of hiding! During the penitential season of Lent, we don't sing the Alleluia in Mass (or the Gloria, for that matter), and its replacement before the Gospel reading is always a little lackluster-feeling for me. I'm delighted to welcome the Alleluia back as we put Lent behind us and move into the Easter Season.

A could also be for the Angelus, which we put on hold for the 50 days of Easter and replace with the Regina Caeli. I have an alarm set on my phone to remind us at noon each day to sing the Regina Caeli. It's much easier to learn and sing than the Angelus, so if you were thinking of adding this into your prayer life, now might be a great time to start.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's okay...just keep reading.

--- 4 ---
N is for "No-no-no-no-no," which is 2 things now: what Nora says when she disagrees with me (which is about 40% of the time) and what SuperSam now says when he gets irritated with us (which is more like 78% of the time). George and I are reminding ourselves that if we were another family and we were working with us professionally (counseling or family support services or whatever), we would remind us that our family is in transition. Experiencing big changes in routine can make kids irritable. So can being 4 1/2 years old, apparently. Anyway, I'm hearing this a lot these days and trying to respond with love, patience, gentleness, kindness, and (most especially) self-control.

Although this isn't actually a grumpy face, you get the idea.

--- 5 ---
G is for George, who is (as of this moment) is in possession of a fancy purple mobile phone. His old phone met its unfortunate demise this week, so it was replaced by our mobile phone insurance with a refurbished one in a sparkly shade of lavender. He's thrilled, really.

Sweet, isn't it?

He's also still in search of the perfect job. In all of his numerous interviews, he has ranked right at the top (according to the interviewers) but was beaten out by internal candidates. The most recent interview went well, and they're checking's hoping this might be the end of this particular change and the beginning of a new one.

--- 6 ---
E is for Easter Feast. We had a beautiful one. George worked late into the night in the kitchen on Holy Saturday to prepare things ahead for the loveliest brunch I've ever seen: crepes with swiss chard and Gruyere, fruit salad, mixed greens with chevre, and a beautiful savory pear tart with gorgonzola. (Yes, there was a lot of cheese). There was even a Nutella bread pudding for dessert. And mimosas. Sigh. I couldn't wait to eat it.

And then...I started throwing up. Right after church. I became the latest victim of the nasty stomach bug that's been sweeping our county. And I didn't get to eat any of it.

(This reminds me of last year's wonderful Easter brunch, which I also couldn't wait to eat, and which was all set out on the glass-topped patio table...eggs Benedict and the most perfect lemon buttermilk chess pie...when a large gust of wind lifted the entire patio table into the air and dropped it back down with a crash, traumatizing my three-year-old forever and driving shards of glass into the pie, the deck, and pretty much everything else.)

It's possible we should go with something a little less ambitious next year.

--- 7 ---
S is for spots, which is what I found on Lucy when I went to get her up last Friday morning. She was covered in red welts from the top of her head to the soles of her feet and everywhere in between. It turns out she is allergic to amoxicilin. Fun family fact: my sister-in-law is also allergic to amoxicilin. Isn't DNA cool? Anyway, she had been on the antibiotics for a week already, so her raging ear infection had cleared up before we had to stop the medicine. This made me very happy, since I really try not to have any of us on antibiotics unless it's really necessary...starting a new course after a week would have felt icky. After about four days, Lucy looked normal again, but she was still faintly sporting the spots on Easter Sunday with her polka-dotted dress.

S is also for sewing machine (new), which is lovely and modern and (most importantly) working. I was able to get the girls' dresses done in time for church Sunday. Thank goodness for simple patterns (and enough sewing experience to adapt them to make them even simpler when I am pushed for time). Which I was.

And that is it. I think you are caught up.

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"And the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they had more space between their seats."