Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Spring has sprung edition

It feels like spring. It smells like spring. Yellow pollen dust is piling up on the carport and on top of the giant green trash can outside. The redbuds are blooming, and our neighbors have new baby lambs. Jupiter is drinking a juice box on our kitchen table in his sunglasses. What are the other signs of spring around here?

I'm so glad you asked...

--- 1 ---

It's warm. Warm enough for shorts. This makes SuperSam the happiest person on our street. Granted, he would be happier if none of his shorts had buttons, snaps, or closures of any kind...but he's still pretty happy, especially when he gets to play outside every day.

In this snapshot, he is wearing his favorite green froggy boots, holding a plastic model of Jupiter and dumping rocks on his own head. Happy, happy kid. (Not easily explained, but obviously happy.)

--- 2 ---

Speaking of happy...our favorite local ice cream spot, Flotzie's, is open. We headed out last week to get our first treat of the season. Never underestimate the joy (or the mess) of eating ice cream cones with two toddlers and a preschooler. It was awesome. (I was holding Nora, so she missed out on the photo op.)

--- 3 ---
There are things growing in my garden again...on purpose. The seeds I started inside had mixed results, and none of them are quite ready to go outside in the garden yet (although the kale is really close). I'm hoping it doesn't get too warm, too fast for these cool-weather crops. Here are the broccoli transplants we got...everything is looking good.

If the cool weather crops flop, I plan to try again in the fall. I know I can do peppers and tomatoes during the summer since I've done them for several years already. Some things about getting started this year feel familiar instead of foreign. Hey, maybe I'm getting the hang of this?

--- 4 ---
There are also things growing accidentally. I was surprised by this thorny red vine with bright green leaves, which had totally overtaken one of our butterfly bushes and was all over the place. I cut it back quite a bit and turned to facebook to find out what it was. The popular opinion seems to be berries...maybe blackberries? The trailing kind, it seems? Anyway, it has been pruned back a lot and might not give us fruit this year, but I'm relieved to find it isn't something a toddler-eating vine that will grab my children and drag them down into the earth or something. #feedmeseymour #bettergardeningthroughsocialmedia

--- 5 ---
One of the best and most unexpected things about this blog has been the relationships I've formed with other bloggers. Although I have never met these people, we know a good bit about each other. Sometimes they are as well-informed about my life as my family members. I was so excited to get a package this week from Molly with some glow-in-the-dark stars for SuperSam. He was elated! We put a bunch of them up in his room. He was especially proud of making the constellation Leo on his wall all by himself, without even looking at any of his books for reference. Part of his bedtime routine now is "stargazing" through a toilet paper tube and naming all the constellations he sees. Thanks, Molly - it's perfect.

                                  --- 6 ---

In the spirit of springtime and of new beginnings, we painted the interior door in our kitchen a bright robin's egg blue. I love it more than any other door in any house I have ever lived in. Bonus: it makes the preschool and toddler art really pop, don't you think?

                         --- 7 ---
And, speaking of new beginnings...George has a job! He'll be starting as an adult case manager with our local community services board beginning May 1. We're excited. Thanks for all of your prayers.