Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear NASA, y'all rock.

This is a little story about why NASA is the coolest governmental agency in the, probably in the whole universe. 

A few weeks ago, SuperSam was surprised to get a big package and a large padded envelope in the mail. 

They were addressed to him, and they had big NASA stickers on the outside.

A friend from high school who now works for NASA had seen some of my posts about SuperSam's interest in astronomy.

Inside, he found his own NASA backpack stuffed with goodies- a puzzle with a picture of Earth, a packet of experiments and activities for kids about space and flight, some pencils, lapel pins, stickers, a poster for his room, 3D viewers with pictures of space, and temporary tattoos of all the planets. 

He was thrilled. 
He put the Neptune tattoo on immediately and was still wearing it a week later (despite having had a bath...he managed to preserve it somehow).

The best part, though, was a letter addressed to him on NASA letterhead, commending him for his interest in all things space-related. It encouraged him to keep studying science and concluded with "maybe we'll see you out there as an astronaut someday."

He hugged the letter and said seriously, "NASA has their eye on me. I need to be on my best behavior since I'm training to be an astronaut."

Thanks, NASA. We love you.