Thursday, April 18, 2013

Theme Thursday: Boys

It's Thursday again, and time to post some photos of my boy for Theme Thursday, the coolest photo linkup anywhere over at Clan Donaldson

Cari gave us permission this week to try editing an old photo in a different way. This felt like liberation to me, since I haven't gotten any really great pictures this past week.

Here's #1:

(Yes, I posted this last week, but it was too late for Theme Thursday, and I just love it so much. I think it's even more lovable in black and white.)
He said: "This is a giant brachiosaurus poop."

Here's #2...from a couple of weeks ago:

 I love this one, too - the light was good, he has that adorable look of concentration on his face, and his chubby preschooler fingers are still trying to figure out how to use the scissors. He's giving his little grass guy a haircut (after I have just given him a haircut).

Both photos came from my iPhone, and I edited them with Afterlight (formerly Afterglow...darned copyright issues!), which is a fun photo-editing app to play around with. So many filters, so little time. No filter on the second photo, though.

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