Thursday, April 4, 2013

Theme Thursday: Funny.

We have a little bit of a dinosaur thing going on here.

A little carnivorous intimidation in the backseat of the minivan?

(No worries...the space thing is still in effect. There's just an added prehistoric dimension now.)

"Make my hair look like a Styracosaurus, Daddy."

We took SuperSam to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum this week to see the dinosaurs. Honestly, I think he was as excited to get to the gift shop as he was to see the fossils. He spent his carefully saved $5 on a toy Styracosaurus and a little dinosaur skeleton.

Afterward, they frolicked in the grass together.

Iguanodon on the National Mall
Oddly enough, no one seemed alarmed. I guess they see a lot of things up there these days.

**Updated- today, I got the photo I wish I'd had yesterday. It still fits the theme, so I'm posting it here.**

"This is a giant brachiosaurus poop."

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