Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday = TwinsDay...Jesus and the Wailer.

I realized recently that I haven't shared here yet about Lucy's personal relationship with Jesus.

(I'm sorry. My mom made that joke once and I still think it's funny.)

My sister, Laura, sent our girls these adorable sock babies for Christmas. They love them. Nora immediately named hers "Pop" (which is what our children call my stepdad instead of "grandpa" or something).

Lucy took one look at her doll and proclaimed, "Jesus!"

It was that time of year, you know...we were talking about Baby Jesus a lot, I guess, and she saw illustrations...and she thought her doll looked like him.

The name stuck.

It is occasionally awkward (when she drops him in Target and yells, "Jeeee-zus!" at the top of her lungs, for example). It is often funny (when SuperSam says, "do you want Jesus to sit with you?" and she says, "uh-HUNH! Jee-zus!"). It is occasionally creepy (when I put her down to bed and say, "do you want to sleep with Jesus?" and then realize it sounds like I'm being euphemistic about death, which I never am on principle).

My favorite, though, is when she holds Jesus in both hands and shakes him in time to the "bomping music" (which is a Spotify playlist of hits from the 1950s that we made for SuperSam). His little head wobbles gently and it looks like he can dance.


For her part, Nora is quite grumpy. She has molars coming in, and so she is feeling less than happy these days. In fact, she cries at the drop of a hat. Also, her brother torments her mercilessly. (How is it that we have arrived at this point in our parenting journey already?) Yesterday, he was taking his apatosaurus away from her just to make her cry. He didn't even want to play with it. He just wanted her to cry.

And she did.

And again...

Wait for it...

Have you seen this site, by the way? It's a series of pictures of children crying with captions telling the reasons they are crying. It's sad and hilarious at the same time. I think I could do that with pictures of Nora this week...but I feel so guilty taking pictures of her when she's crying. (That's why the pictures above are all from one afternoon...I just couldn't keep doing that to her. It seems unfair.)

George says her facebook status would say, "I have strong feelings about things."

I think it might just say, "NOOOO! No! No! No!"

Check back next Wednesday for more TwinsDay...the Sisters' chance to be in the spotlight.