Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday = TwinsDay...pasta with a side of smackdown.

Every mother thinks the way her child said "spaghetti" for the first time is the cutest thing ever.

Unfortunately for all those moms, my child's version of the word "spaghetti" is actually the cutest thing ever.

Lucy, eating her "va-geckie"
Vah-geckie. Emphasis on the "geck." See how the cuteness just dribbles off her? Or maybe that's marinara sauce? Anyway...cuteness.

For her part, Nora bit SuperSam yesterday for telling her that she should not climb on a table.

Not that we condone biting or violence in any form...but man, that girl can look after herself. I pity the first kid that crosses her - he'll likely get punched in the nose. She'll be taking up for her brother soon (if she doesn't have him in a headlock).

She looks sweet, but she might smack you with that shoe.

Stay tuned for more twin adventures next week.