Thursday, May 16, 2013

Theme Thursday: (Party) Animals

I'm linking up with Clan Donaldson again today for Theme Thursday. Today's prompt? Animals. We have no animals residing here any longer. You may review the fish tank incident if you want to know why. Anyway, I am forced to be creative with my interpretation of today's theme.


This might be what you get if you cross a hoedown with a science project on time travel and the unthinkable happens.

Just before breakfast this morning, SuperSam informed me that the farm animals were having a dance party on the kitchen table. By the time I made it over to look at the scene he had set up, his dinosaurs had infiltrated it and were negatively impacting the mood of the party. Carnage and mayhem! Is the collie dead? Passed out with fear? Is the chicken alarmed that there's a pteradactyl next to her on the barn roof?

Apparently, it all looks much worse than it is. Apparently, this is just a friendly gathering of species normally separated by millions of years, brought together by their mutual love of music and dance. No biggie.

SuperSam on why the T-Rex is eating a goat: "He's a carnivore. He's super hungry, so he went to the snack bar. A hot dog just isn't enough to fill him up so he can dance his best."

And the goat?

"He doesn't mind. He knows T-Rex is a carnivorous dinosaur. I think he pretty much expected it since he was hanging out at the snack bar."

There you have it. For more Theme Thursday (featuring real photography enthusiasts and real, live animals!), visit Clan Donaldson.