Thursday, May 2, 2013

Theme Thursday: Play

So, today really isn't about the photos for me. I'm still linking up with Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday, but it's more about keeping my streak going than about my fine photography today.

See, the thing is, today was a long, long day...the kind of day when lots and lots of things happen and none of them are really picturesque. It was George's second day of work at the new job, which means a very long day for me and the three little ones. I'm so grateful for the job, but I definitely got used to having my very involved, very hands-on, excellent dad-to-his-kids husband around here during Unemployment. He's gone back to work, but there's no less to do around here, and now I have half as many grownup hands to get it all done.

Plus, we miss him.

We have been filling our time up as much as we can, and we did a lot today. We visited a friend on her new farm and saw some new lambs and some chicks that are just getting their big bird feathers. We played outside. We survived a complete and total meltdown from SuperSam, who didn't want to ride in his carseat. We had McDonald's for lunch, because it was just that kind of day. Some of us napped after lunch, and some of us played outside more with friends.

At one point while the Sisters were napping, I looked out the kitchen window and saw SuperSam and his friend completely engaged in play at our sand and water table, totally immersed in the work they were doing there. The table was full of muddy water, the hose lying nearby. They were putting handfuls of grass into the table and shredding buttercups to throw in on top of the grass. Little plastic tea cups from the Sisters' tea set littered the ground, and they were using the creamer and teapot to pour the muddy water over each other's hands. I watched, wishing with all my might to be able to photograph them as they worked, but knowing that if I opened the door to get a decent shot, it would ruin the moment.

As I observed them, aching to be able to capture the image, SuperSam climbed up into the sand table and stood in the water. His friend kept dashing off to pick more buttercups for shredding. She would sling the yellow bits and their stems into the water with great gusto each time she returned to the table, and SuperSam would squash them with his feet. (It was vaguely reminiscent of the wine vat scene from I Love Lucy, now that I think of it.) Finally, after he was totally soaked from thighs to toes, SuperSam just plopped down in the water and sat there.

My friend, the mother of SuperSam's friend, arrived at that moment, and I had to go outside to assure her that I was actually supervising my son and knew that he was sitting in the sand table. Yeah, I know most of my friends probably don't let their kids sit in sand tables, because that's not what sand tables are for, etc. etc. etc...but he wasn't hurting anything, and he has dry clothes to change into if he gets wet or messy, and when it comes down to it, I just wanted to see what was going to happen next. (I would have intervened if the friend had climbed into the sand table, just so you know...and just so you aren't afraid to let your child come over here to play or whatever.)

Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut and watch the action and get over the fact that you can't take a picture. Today is that day for me.

Rather than pull out some better photos from other days of play, I'm just showing you one of each of my children today, each engaged in his or her own thing.

"I see you." -Lucy  (repeat again and again and again)
"Why did you bother setting up a play kitchen when you knew I'd just play with your stuff anyway?" -Nora
"I've never met a mud puddle I didn't like...even in a sand table." -SuperSam

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