Thursday, May 30, 2013

Theme Thursday: Self-portrait

Dear Thursday,

I give up.


No, I don't really. Nothing really bad is happening. It is just the kind of draggy, irritable day when everyone is clingy and whiny and uninterested in anything that makes me wish for bedtime.

I have tried everything - playing music, suggesting games, getting out balloons, making a blanket fort. I even said "yes" to SuperSam's request to do the Slip 'n' Slide (which I kind of hate because of all the grass clippings that somehow appear out of nowhere and stick to every single part of everyone's body until all body parts are inside the house, when all the grass spontaneously falls off onto the floor or sticks to the furniture).

Even lunch from McDonald's (a rare treat!) wasn't enough to save today. Everyone is grumpy, and I'm the grumpiest. I get that I'm responsible for the climate around here, and I know I need to adjust my own attitude to make it better. We need something to shake the grumpies off and get on with the day. I pretended that allowing Slip 'n' Slide was that something, but I was grumpy about that, too, and no one had all that much fun.

Fortunately, it's naptime, which is generally as good as a reset button when everyone sleeps (which they currently are).

I'm linking up with Cari at Clan Donaldson for Theme Thursday again today and wishing the prompt was anything but self-portrait. This is not the kind of day I want to take a picture of myself. I'm playing along, though, because I believe in the truth...and the truth is, some days are just hard.

Before I show it to you, have a look at what everyone else looks like today at my house:

Despondent at not being allowed to unroll and shred all the toilet paper in the house

Refuses to be put down for any reason without wailing to be picked up

Will not stop moving for one second.
Finally stopped do this.

And, the resulting self-portrait:


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