Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today's real post

I have good news to share.

I'm having an unbelievably difficult parenting day today, however, so I'm not going to post the glowing, excited post I had planned. I'll save it for another day. I've never been good at pretending to feel a way I don't really feel, and for me, putting up a post that isn't reflective of what's actually happening is no easier than looking someone in the face at the store and answering, "Just fine!" when what I really want to say is, "Today is really, really hard."

Today is really tough, y'all.

I would love some of you to tell me that after their 5th birthdays, children become more cheerful and sunny individuals and seem less determined to ruin everything just because they prefer being miserable and want all other members of their families to share their misery.

Anyone? Is 5 easier? Because 4 1/2 is really testing everything I thought I knew about young children. I'm struggling.

Back to the good news: I'm excited to have my first post published today as a contributing writer for, an inspirational site with articles on parenting, marriage, sacraments, theology, and lots more. I'll be sharing one post a month there and would love if you took the time to visit and leave a comment. There are many talented writers contributing there, and it's an honor to be included among them.

Now, I'm going to take advantage of nap time (now that doors are no longer being slammed repeatedly down the hall accompanied by screams of "NOOO! NOO! NOOOOO!") and rest up for the afternoon. Given how the morning has gone, I think I might be in for it. Pray for me, will you?