Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TwinsDay Wednesday: How our twins share space

Bringing twins home from the hospital to our house wasn't all that different from bringing home a single baby, at least in some ways. The early weeks were blurry, just as they were with my first child...sleep lost, diapers changed, and nursing all the time.

When we first brought our girls home, they slept in our room together in one pack 'n' play. We divided the night into shifts. I went to bed in our bedroom right after SuperSam did, around 7:30 pm, and slept until the girls woke up to nurse sometime after midnight. George (or one of our amazing helpers) kept the girls out in the living room or in their bedroom and gave them a bottle around 10:00 pm.

After about 8 weeks, we moved them to a full-size crib, which they shared in their own room. We also had a double bed in their room, where George and I took turns sleeping.

The girls shared their crib until they were just past 6 months old, when they really started to need their own space. They rolled over each other in the night, and no one was resting well. We put up a second crib in their room and took out the double bed.

Now that our girls are full-fledged toddlers, we have moved some things around in the room to give them more space to play. Part of the reason for arranging things this way was so the girls could take a more active role in their self-care. Their diapers are on a low shelf so they can help get them out. They can reach most of their clothes and their hamper, so they put the dirty ones away when we take them off at night. They choose their own pajamas (or sometimes choose for each other). They can put their wet diapers in the diaper pail. They both enjoy getting dressed and combing their hair in front of the mirror on their wall, and they like to put their shoes away.

I expect when they are ready to move out of cribs, we'll do toddler beds for a while. Eventually, we will probably do bunks or loft beds to give them some more space. I always had my own room growing up, but my younger sisters shared. I often felt envious of them when I heard them giggling and playing rummy after we were supposed to be asleep.

I hope that as they grow up, The Sisters will feel that sharing a room is a positive thing. They've been sharing space since conception, after all...they don't know any different.

Do your children share rooms? How do you have things set up?