Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giveaway winner!!

Our little giveaway has come to an end (at midnight last night). Thanks to everyone who entered.

In a very high-tech, scientific process, I wrote everyone's name on a slip of paper and had one of my children draw a name. (The child was not informed that cookies were involved, so there can be no questions about his or her ability to be impartial.)

The winner is...Rebecca of Life Beyond the Window! Please e-mail me your mailing address (abbey.dupuy(at)gmail(dot)com) so I can send your prize to you.

This was fun, don't you think? We will do it again soon.

In other news, I have a guest post up today at CatholicMom about turning the chores we love to hate into opportunities for gratitude and mindfulness. One of the comments on the post suggested consecrating a chore we dislike (sweeping, in my case) for a specific prayer intention.

We have a young friend in our parish named Sam who is battling cancer. Although we pray for him as often as we think of him, I love the idea of offering up my much-despised sweeping chore on his behalf. I might even sweep more often in a day, just to have the extra chances to pray for Sam.

Think about this, won't you? Do you have a chore like mine that you'd rather not do? Would it change if you made it an offering of prayer for someone else? And if you need an intention to tie to your most-hated chore, I know Sam and his family would love to have you pray for them, too.