Thursday, June 6, 2013

Theme Thursday: Girls

I intend to raise scrappy girls...girls that are strong, persistent, brave and willing to try hard things. Girls that can keep up with their brother in every way and know how to use power tools (with adult supervision, of course). Girls that stick up for themselves and each other and who know how to use their words to say what they mean. Girls who have faith in themselves and confidence in their own worth. Independent, smart, stubborn girls...the kind of girls that turn into independent, smart, stubborn women...the kind of women who change the world and get stuff done.

From the looks of things, we are well on our way. My toddler twins are relentless: climbing every shelf, unrolling every roll of toilet paper, opening every cabinet, deshelving every book, emptying every laundry basket. They feel things strongly and love things fiercely. They are not messing around with life- they're taking it head on (by ripping it out of each other's hands, if necessary!).

I'm proud of them.
I'm also totally exahausted and slightly fearful of what lies ahead in their tween-age years.

Does this look like a scene from a toddler stage version of a Willa Cather novel?

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