Friday, August 2, 2013

7 Quick Takes: The Ta-Da! List edition

This post is truly only going to make sense to a certain type of person in a certain life stage. 
If that's not you, please don't give up and go away. I promise there will be something for you again, okay? 

Today, though, I'm talking to YOU...overwhelmed mama with too many things to do and not enough time to do them. Your heart is organized, but your house is a mess, and it drives you crazy. You always lived life by your to-do list before. Now, with one or more babies to care for (or multiple babies at once, in some cases!), you don't even have time to write your list down, much less do anything on it. Some days, you despair that anything will ever be clean or organized again...especially when you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself. How are you supposed to find time to clean it?

Well, take heart, mama. The ladies at Rookie Moms have you in mind today in a timely post about making a list of what you already DID and then crossing things off. It's amazing. Write down what you did today. You already did it, so you won't have to find time to do it. Then put a nice, fat line through every item. Done, done, and done. Changed diapers? Done. Dunked diaper in the toilet and stuck in in the pail? Done. Opened a new gallon of milk? Done. Nursed for fourteen hours? Done.

See how much better that is? For years now, I've been adding items to my to-do list that I had already finished, just so I could cross them off...but it didn't occur to me to leave off the "to-do's" completely and just make a "did do" list.

The best part, though, is that one brilliant commenter coined the perfect term for just this type of thing: the "Ta-Da List". 

Ta-Da! (If you listen hard, you can hear the trumpet fanfare with that.)

So there you have it, mamas. You have worked hard. You have a Ta-Da List as evidence. Go forth and enjoy your weekend.

And, because it's been that kind of week for me, here's my own Ta-Da list for today. Hold onto your socks lest I knock them straight off, y'all.

Paint with budding artists. 
Mixes up names of colors. Screams if given the wrong one.

Move the diapers from the washer to the dryer and press "start."

(I was going to take them out of the dryer, but they weren't quite dry, so instead of hanging them up, I just pressed "start" again.)

Unload the dishwasher. Put the clean dishes away, and start filling it up again with dirty dishes.

Top rack: always prematurely full of plastic cups with lids.

Paint little wooden dinosaurs for SuperSam's chore chart. (More on that later.) Better yet, get SuperSam to paint them himself while you work on a blog post about it. Everyone wins.

Give SuperSam a haircut. Bribe him with Sesame Street on the iPad so he'll sit still.

Getting good at this- used scissors AND clippers this time. Woot.

Break the lid on the trash can. Get a new trash can. (oh, that's from yesterday.)

Take the new trash can out of the car (where it has been sitting since you bought it yesterday). While you're out there, rescue Baby Jesus from the top of Lucy's car seat (since she can't sleep without him and is screaming about it). Bring Baby Jesus and the trash can into the house.

Think of the most amazing Christmas present EVER for these people. (No, not all of them...just the guy with the harmonica and the woman with the upright bass.) It might be one of the best ideas I've ever had. Well, besides writing this list, that is.

Thanks to the Rookie Moms for the inspiration and to you for playing along (and, as always, to Jen for hosting). Make your own list...I promise you'll feel better.

Happy Friday!

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