Wednesday, August 7, 2013

TwinsDay Wednesday: The Big Girl edition

This week, in line at Wal-mart:
One has curly hair and one has straight hair.

Yes, you're very observant.

I bet they got different personalities, too. Usually with twins, one's real talkative and one's not.


How old are they?

They'll be two years old next month. (Two years old! How did that happen?)

Two? Wow, they're really small.

They're not small. They're just right.

Well, were they small when they were born?

No, not really.

How much did they weigh?

How much did you weigh when you were born? Better yet, how much do you weigh NOW? I think that's a more pertinent question. Have you considered Weight Watchers? I know a lot of people who really love it!

(Perhaps I don't have the nerve to have this last part of the conversation in real life, but just keep pushing me, Wal-Mart cashiers and hostesses at Cracker Barrel. One of these days, one of you is going to get lucky and find out how I really feel.)

No-frills potties- no lights or music. Kind of hard to find, actually.
Anyway, despite their (apparently) incredibly small stature, our girls are growing up. Last weekend, we bought two new potties. Nora has been trying for a week to climb up onto the toilet to use the bathroom, so I figured we needed to do something.

Because I belong to the Lazy School of Potty Training, I do not start the process until children are begging me to do it. It's kind of the opposite of Elimination Communication. Instead of trying to read my children's bathroom signals and get them to the potty before they go, I wait until they are pulling at my leg and saying, "Mama, I feel kind of uncomfortable using the bathroom in a diaper these days- would it be okay if I started using the potty instead?"

Waiting has advantages. The process moves quickly, and I don't have to ask them fourteen times every hour if they have to go potty. The Potty Process went very smoothly with SuperSam, but I've been dreading it with the girls. Potty learning for two people at the same time seems like an insurmountable challenge.

We may just stop leaving the house until they have it figured out.

Since we brought home the potties, Nora has been sitting on hers completely naked with a book in hand a few times each day. For her part, Lucy will only sit on the potty with all her clothes and her diaper on. I do not ask her to sit on it. I don't even mention it to her, as that would be breaking the cardinal rule of the Lazy School of Potty Training. The only reason there is any interest in potties on Lucy's part is because Nora is sitting on one. (Or possibly because Curious George has been doing it so often lately?) Even though we got two potties at the same time, I am guessing they will probably still find a way to fight over them.

Along with the potties, we got two car seats. The girls had finally outgrown their infant seats and needed upgrades. Lucy got a new Big Girl Seat, and Nora got SuperSam's hand-me-down. (He graduated to a larger seat that will convert to a booster later.)

Once upon a time, there was extra space in those car seats.
Nora is in love with her Big Girl Seat, (which she calls Sammy Old Car Seat) and insists on climbing up from the ground into the seat herself and trying to buckle her own seat belt. Woe to anyone who tries to help her before she is ready for help. You will be met with rage and tears and repeated screams of, "I DO SELF!"

In the final installment of "oh, wow, they're getting so big," George lowered the girls' cribs to the final notch this evening after Nora crawled over the crib rail (and fell onto the floor) at nap time today. This provided a great opportunity for some mattress bouncing. Glee ensued.

It's hard to believe that just two years ago, we were trying to keep them from being born to give them the best possible chance at being strong and healthy. Now they are climbing out of cribs and jumping on mattresses and generally acting like Big Girls.

They're doing matter what the Wal-Mart cashier thinks.