Friday, October 11, 2013

Five-Minute Friday: Ordinary

The things I look at all the time are the ones I don't even see any more- the normal, usual, typical things- the dishes in my dishwasher, the books on the living room shelves, the toothbrushes in their holders on the bathroom counters. There are toys I pick up every single day, shoes I put away, jackets I hang up, pillows I straighten. My hands touch them so often that I don't even feel them as I move them casually from floor to proper ordinary.

Time moves forward measuredly, stretching out in two directions from today's little square on the calendar. Rows of little boxes, orderly and similar, each with its unremarkable black number in the corner, march along backward to Lent and forward to Advent.

Meanwhile, we make our way through Ordinary, cooking dinner and doing the laundry and washing little faces and arms and legs in the middle of what is, according to the calendar, no special time at all.

Standing in the middle of it, though, looking around at the average everyday that makes up my life, what I sense is Grace everywhere, all around...marking the walls in crayon and reflected in George's smile across the dinner table and ringing off the ceiling in the laughter of my children when they're supposed to be getting ready for bed but are chasing each other around naked instead.

It's everywhere, this Grace. It covers us in even the most ordinary moments. Sometimes, in an unexpected second-turned-extraordinary, I can feel it- a warm glow, a sweet scent, a small sigh...


Five Minute Friday

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