Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday morning motivation {a playlist}

Ah, Monday. Here you are again.

There is no reason why we should struggle to get along. You're just a day. You don't intimidate me. And just to make sure you know who's boss, I'm kicking off the week with a brand-new Monday morning playlist. I think these songs are light enough to ease us all in to the new week but upbeat and happy enough to pull us in the direction of having a great day.

You can play the playlist on your computer or mobile device using Spotify. (If you don't have Spotify installed, it's free and easy to do.)

Just add coffee, and I bet your morning will be off to a good start.

What songs get you up and going when you need a little mood boost? Feel free to add to the list that's already started on facebook or leave suggestions here in the comments.