Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TwinsDay Wednesday (and Theme Thursday, a day early): Double

It's TwinsDay Wednesday, and the Theme Thursday prompt for this week's photo linkup at Clan Donaldson is Double. Double was obviously made for TwinsDay, so I'm putting my post up a day early. Look at me, breaking the rules, so cavalier! Who'd have thought I would ever

(Oh, please, who am I kidding? Cari, please don't kick me out for posting early! I promise I never break rules! I'll never do it again!)

Ahem. Moving on, then.

Double. Sweeping the driveway with those brushes made for cleaning snow off the cars. Why not.

Although I won't ever use the tired, often-heard "double trouble" to describe my twins (even on the days it is true), there is double a lot of other stuff around here: double diapers, double potties, double tiny socks, double running stroller, double rain boots (at least one of which is always missing when it's time to go), double baby dolls (we have duplicates of all of ours), double supply of those teeny tiny hair elastics that get stuck in the carpet but won't get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner no matter how hard I try.

More importantly, we have double hugs, double giggles, and double little voices to sing with when it's time to say grace.

They're two years old now, and I've really come to love double. It's a lot of work, but it's not impossible, and I'm truly grateful for my double blessing.

That said, this sister rivalry thing is killing me!

This looks sweet, but right after this, Nora grabbed the apple and hit Lucy with it.

Sibling rivalry is new territory for us. The Sisters have officially gotten old enough to irritate each other (and their brother, too) on purpose. When Lucy is singing the ABC Song, Nora starts to sing it, too, just so Lucy will scream and yell, "Nora is singing it, too!" When Nora tries to grab Lucy's hand at dinner, Lucy wrinkles her face at Nora and says, "No, Nora!" and Nora bursts into tears. When this happened one night recently, Lucy looked up innocently at George and said, "Nora is sadding. But Lucy is eating my dinner nicely."

I could have sworn she batted her eyes at him.

Surely the double rivalry will be replaced with double sisterly love very soon. Right? Or are we destined to have a masking tape line down the center of every room where we expect the girls to coexist? Will they be beating each other in the head with hairdryers at age 14 and lying to get each other in trouble? Is there any hope?

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