Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes: The Jumble of Thoughts edition

This is true 7 Quick Takes - 7 things you want to know that aren't long enough to warrant their own posts.

How badly you want to know about these things depends on who you are and how interesting you find my musings about random things (like Suzuki violin, car alarms and Random Guys With Fishing Poles).

SuperSam told me today that he loves me as much as 13 million thousand googolplex thousand gajillion Jupiters in a row. And if all the planets' orbits were stretched out in a straight line, end to end, and then fused together and then bent into one enormous ellipse, it would not be big enough to contain God's love for us.


In the world of Suzuki violin at the Dupuy household, things have been bumpy this week. Yesterday, my very stubborn, very articulate son spent two and a half hours trying to argue with me about why he couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't/didn't have time to practice his Twinkle Variations. I sat in a chair the whole time and just kept saying, "I hear what you're saying. Unfortunately, you can't move on to the next thing until you finish your practice." He finally did it.

Once he started, it took him less than 10 minutes to play all the variations and 8 repetitions of the first phrase of "Lightly Row."

Then it was time for lunch. It was time for lunch because he used up our entire morning with his non-practicing, and I let him do it.

I knew about twenty minutes into the whole thing that the approach I was taking wasn't really working. I also knew he wasn't going to back down easily. In a very mature, awesome parent moment, I decided to dig in my heels and be more stubborn than he was.

Although he did eventually finish, it didn't feel like a victory. I hate it when my child's weaknesses are so clearly coming from me.

Today, I gave him a marshmallow for each variation- he got to eat them at the end. The whole process took 12 minutes, and he got an extra marshmallow for being awesome. Maybe things are turning around.

We have been enjoying the new-to-us van. Every time we get into it, Lucy says, "This is really our car now," and Nora says, "Hewwo, new van!" The downside: there are these crazy newfangled electronic keys that only open with buttons, and only one of them works. Somehow, George ended up with the working one.

Only the driver's door has a regular lock. To use it, you have to slide this button on the electronic key thingy over and push another button to pull a valet key out of the top. Then you can put the valet key in the door to unlock it.

When you open the door handle, though, a crazy loud alarm starts, and everyone within a mile looks to see who is trying to steal a van. To stop it, you have to stuff the valet key back into the top of the electronic key thingy and shove it into the ignition and turn it on. Meanwhile, your kids cover their ears and scream at you about how loud the alarm is, and everyone nearby stares as you struggle to stop it as quickly as possible.

George, we have to remember to switch keys.

The Sisters' increasingly crazy nap time situation has resulted in Lucy's temporary relocation to a nap spot in the living room. I have begun removing her to a pack and play by herself for nap time. Without Nora to do her bidding, she gets bored and falls asleep. Without Lucy to keep her awake, Nora also falls asleep. There is, altogether, less trouble and more sleep.

There is also a pack n play in the living room, which (as you might imagine) adds greatly to the decor.

Tomorrow, we are making the questionable choice to go to IKEA. It can be pretty crazy on a Saturday, I know, but this trip really needs to happen. We have to get a wardrobe for the girls' room to have a way to close something up (so that they stop redecorating their bedroom behind closed doors with every article of clothing they own). They also need actual big girl beds, because we need at least one of their cribs for the new baby (and it seems better to make that transition early for many reasons). SuperSam desperately needs a clip on reading lamp that will clamp onto his bed.

Thank goodness we have that van with the stow and go seat...and George's key, so the alarm won't even go off when we open it.

It's 55 degrees here today. Lucy sighed as we passed the Greenway on Wednesday (when the high temp was 16 degrees) and asked if we would ever be able to take a walk there again. "I remember there is a tunnel that I love so much in my heart," she said. After naps today, we headed out there to walk. We needed to take advantage of the bright sunny spot of warmth...they're calling for snow and more super coldness next week.

On our walk, we met another twin mom with a little girl in kindergarten and a set of fraternal 2 year old boys who were born the day after Lucy and Nora. That is an instant friendship. It almost doesn't matter if we have anything else in common. We exchanged phone numbers. I kind of wanted to hug her and buy her one of those BFF necklaces, but I decided to wait.

Also on our Greenway walk, we encountered a Random Guy With Fishing Pole who gestured at The Sisters in their red coats and grunted, "They's twins?" When I told him they were, he pointed his fishing pole at my stomach and said, "You better not be havin' twins again!"

That's one I haven't heard before. I guess I can add it to the list of things you should never say to a mom of multiples. Or anyone, really.

Also, I guess I officially look pregnant enough that Random Guys With Fishing Poles are going to stop their fishing to call me out about it. Good to know.

You know what's almost never boring? Attending ecumenical gatherings with my liturgically-minded Catholic kids. We occasionally go to Mission Friends, a non-denominational gathering of parents and kids at the Baptist church in town. The kids hear a story about a real-life missionary, have a snack, sing songs together, and usually do an art project. Today, there was a tray game (just like at a baby shower). Objects related to the missionaries of the day were arranged on a tray. The tray was covered with a blanket, and an object was removed. The kids had to guess what was missing. SuperSam and his friend Aubrey are the big kids now and confidently supplied the majority of the answers.

At one point, the leader asked, "Why would I put a candle on the tray today?" SuperSam didn't hesitate at all. "Because it's almost Candlemas!"

(I'm pretty sure from my own Baptist upbringing that Ms. Judy has never heard of Candlemas.)

He's right, though. Candlemas is this Sunday. Candlemas is 40 days after Christmas- the feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Traditionally, churches bless the candles that will be used for the rest of the year on this day. Although our church doesn't really do that, we still like to mark the day and will probably stock up on new candles at IKEA tomorrow.

St. Brigid's day is coming up tomorrow, too. Here is how we celebrated St. Brigid last year. If you're looking for ideas to celebrate either of these days, check out these great posts:

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Have a great weekend- and check out more quick takes over at Conversion Diary!