Thursday, January 2, 2014



Snowfall always makes me feel hopeful.

Maybe it's because I live in Virginia, where snow is not something we can always count on.

Maybe it's because I'm still not really a grownup. I just get so excited- I hope all day that it will snow on and on, that it won't stop until it is covering everything in white, that it will be enough to cancel everything so we can all stay home together in our jammies.

It feels like when those flakes start to fall, no matter how tiny they are, they are pure possibility, full of what could be. No matter how many times we have been disappointed, I feel like maybe this time we will get a pile of snow to play in and build with and make into snow cream.

Today, it's snowing, and I feel hopeful enough to share some news with you. It's the kind of news that takes up a lot of space...the kind that keeps words from being written, the kind that creates a pocket of silence around it...kind of like a really good snow.

This summer, we will be welcoming a new baby.

I could add all the caveats and disclaimers that are floating in my head. I could tell you all the things that make me nervous about sharing this news. Instead, though, I'm just sharing it. You already know the reasons I could be scared, doubtful, anxious, and silent...and I have been- all of those things, often in the same day! Today, though, I'm watching the snow. I'm feeling hopeful. I'm channeling Julian of Norwich and saying, "All will be well."

Today, I believe it will be.