Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TwinsDay Wednesday: Lucy takes on Google

It's possible that Lucy has been feeling a bit left out lately.

With all the major milestones Nora has been achieving (spontaneously stripping off her clothes and diaper, climbing out of her crib, climbing into Lucy's crib, rearranging and upending furniture to use it for her own devious climbing purposes, jumping off chairs, jumping off tables, jumping off stools, jumping off and on her bed), perhaps Lucy was feeling the need to prove herself.

I am, of course, completely aware that Lucy masterminds many of Nora's more outrageous missions, just as she orders her big brother around. I can hear her little voice right now from behind their closed bedroom door commanding, "You do it, No-rah. You go geddit RIGHT NOW."

(I have no idea what she is telling Nora to get, but I am sure it isn't good. They are supposed to be asleep, after all.)

Anyway, since she doesn't get enough glory for being the boss of everyone, she has apparently been pursuing other interests. She had the iPad for about 48 seconds yesterday morning. (Two-year-olds do not have iPad privileges in our family.) I heard the song from the Newton's Apple game playing, so I came over to get it from her. I thought that was the end of it.

Much to my surprise, later in the afternoon, I saw that she had been using Safari to google things. Who knows what kind of nefarious schemes she is cooking up? I can't understand her search terms.

Here's what she entered:

Ippp j,kmokk.llllllhhgggvbhnhnu

Her other search, "gfgfgfgfgfgfgfgf," did actually produce a set of results so weird that I'm not going to duplicate them here. I hope she didn't watch any of those YouTube videos. Weird, weird, weird.

I guess I'll add the iPad to the list of things I thought were out of her reach but really weren't. (It was on top of my dresser.)

On second thought, she probably got Nora or Sam to get it for her.

With Nora's super climbing power and Lucy's scheming mind, nothing is ever going to be out of their reach again. 

On a serious note- where else can I put things? The dresser was the last place that was out of reach for them. Short of building a shelf eight inches from the ceiling that runs around the perimeter of their room, I'm just not sure where else I can move things to keep them from being able to get them. Any ideas?