Saturday, February 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes: The Olympics Edition

We are a dedicated bunch of Olympics-watchers in this household.

Since we moved into our new house (nearly 2 years ago), we haven't had TV. We have a Netflix subscription that we occasionally use on our TV, but usually we just don't have it on much. Since NBC and the cable companies were so stingy about their online coverage during the last Olympics, though, we got cable just for this month so we could watch in prime time.

We've been staying up way too late every night. Our oldest child has been staying up way too late every night, too...but he's clearly caught the Olympic spirit, because he's been staging his own events all this week.

We have two new celestial residents at our home. Sam saved up his allowance and did some odd jobs to earn enough money to buy Venus (pictured above with her gold medal from the first-ever Celestial Snowboard Cross event). George's mom then sent the Comet for Valentine's Day.

Sam took Mars and Venus outside in the snow to compete (complete with snow goggles and snowboards made from the tops of his Lego storage boxes). Mars wiped out, so Venus got the gold. At the last minute, Mercury also competed so that there could be a third planet on the podium. Flags were hastily assigned to everyone. When it was time to play the anthem, though, Sam pointed out that none of the planets are from Earth, so they couldn't appropriately have a national anthem from one of Earth's countries. (Earth wasn't even competing.)

For the anthem, he chose California Dreamin' by the Mamas and the Papas. You can debate its appropriateness as a Winter Olympics event song. I think it kind of worked.

Speaking of the national anthem, I'm really bothered by how many US athletes start singing along with The Star-Spangled Banner and then don't seem to know the words. George thinks I'm overreacting, but it just bugs me. It's not a hard song to learn (not the words, anyway). Doesn't it seem reasonable that if someone is going to the Olympics, he or she could either learn the words ahead of time or just not sing?

I propose sending all our summer games teams with a little leaflet and CD to help them learn the anthem on the flight to Rio. It would help pass the time. Or, we could substitute California Dreamin' - I think everyone knows the words to that.

Not to be outdone by their brother, Nora and Lucy have been creating their own Olympic events. Lucy slides back and forth on the coffee table on her tummy and calls it "snow sliding." I've decided never to let her watch skeleton, because I'm afraid she'd actually try it. For her part, Nora has been putting Sam's sock puppets over her hands and feet and "speed skating" on all fours across our kitchen floor. 

We have yet to experience any major injuries from these events.

The girls have also been putting me through some crazy, diaper-related, potty-training Olympics. They take their diapers off as soon as they're behind closed doors (like at nap time), which usually relates in potty-related messes. Some have been worse than others. I was able to get the upper hand for a few days by putting onesies under their clothes during nap time, but this morning, they were both completely naked when we got them up. The pajamas were unzipped on the floor with the onesies beside them...and the onesies were still snapped.

Maybe they should consider training as escape artists instead of Olympians.

With all the pregnancy-related tiredness (which I've exacerbated by staying up way too late watching Olympics every night), I've been in a lazy slump with our cloth diapers and have just been using disposable ones. We ran out of our favorite disposables from Target, so George picked up a box at Costco the other night while Sam and I were at violin lessons.

Oddly enough, the Kirkland brand diapers have lots of French on the outside of the box. How very global of them! Do a lot of French speakers shop for diapers at Costco?

Sam noticed that, despite the international flair of including the International Olympic Committee's official language, there were no Olympic rings anywhere on the box. "Costco doesn't support the Olympic Games!" he concluded, eyes widened in slightly judgy disbelief.

Come on, Costco. Be a team player. If Home Depot and McDonald's can do it, so can you.

I'm banning styrofoam from our house until further notice. Always a fan of recycled materials, I saved some big pieces of styrofoam from a packing box for Sam's endless projects. After turning a piece of it into a birthday cake for Saturn, he crumpled it up into itty bitty bits all over his floor. The bits are stuck to everything- his hair, our pants, our bath towels, the carpet in every single room. They cannot be vacuumed up, no matter how hard we try. We have to pick them up by hand and put them way down inside the trash can by sticking them to something already in there- otherwise, they adhere to the underside of the lid and escape again when someone throws something away.

They kind of remind me of the granular spring snow that everyone is complaining about in Sochi.

Thanks, as always, to Jen for hosting this party.
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