Thursday, February 20, 2014

Theme Thursday: Dishes

Once upon a not-so-distant time, the photo prompt "dishes" would have made me think of a sinkful of dirty ones.

No more. I have a little love affair with our dishes.

I don't love doing dishes, but I love these dishes. I love being able to choose my cereal bowl based on my mood. I love how the colors look all stacked up in the white cabinet. I love that every dish is a different color- since they don't "match," they all go together. They're like art...just waiting for me to add some pancakes.

 For more Theme Thursday takes on dishes, check out Clan Donaldson, where Cari hosts a weekly linkup for actual and aspiring photographers to share pictures with their takes on a theme. (I'm not really an aspiring photographer...I was just looking for a reason to take pictures of my dishes.)