Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TwinsDay Wednesday: The naming of things

This TwinsDay Wednesday, I need to share how The Sisters have been adding their special creative naming flair to our discussions about possible names for the newest Dupuy, due in late July or early August.

Their suggestions so far have been really entertaining, to say the least.

I'm not sure what to make of their out-of-the-box naming style. SuperSam has always been a conventional namer. As a toddler and young preschooler, he named his toys categorically or by species. His stuffed dragon was Dragondy. His blue bear was Blue Bear. His sheep was Sheepy. Every now and then, a more inventive name slipped in (like the spotted Easter bunny named Io because the spots reminded Sam of Jupiter's moons). Generally, though, he stuck to basic, serviceable names.

The girls are not like that.

Nora, barely talking, began insisting early on that she have two dolls at all times. Why not, right? Her mama carries two babies at once, so that's obviously just how things are done around here. Whenever she held a baby in one arm, she would turn and demand that we give her "Other Side Baby." I didn't realize at first that this was his given name. To this day, though, even when he is not the second baby in the equation, he is simply called, "Other Side Baby." It seems pretty permanent.

When a friend gave the girls some dolls for the bathtub, Nora declared right away that her doll was named "Jack." She didn't even hesitate, and he has been called Jack ever since. Lucy wasn't into the naming thing yet, so Nora also christened her doll. His name? "Refill." Jack and Refill are usually inseparable, so if one Sister is holding them both, the other one has to be content to use Other Side Baby.

Refill and Jack (not their typical order of appearance)

Once Lucy started naming her own things, she quickly demonstrated a style all her own. Her first named doll was "Jesus." Pictured below are some members of Lucy's Sisterhood of the Uniquely Named.

From left to right: Blue Eyes in the Curtain, Pocket, Little Lord Jesus With The Poopy Diaper (not to be confused with "Jesus"), Yellow Submarine, Banana Hair, and Purple Baby.

Now that our children know they will have a new sibling, they have been contributing to the name pool. Nora's initial prophetic-sounding declaration: "If the baby is a boy, he will be named Penis."

The baby is, in fact, a boy.
All semblance of prophecy ends there.

We managed to convince her that another name might be better, and she settled on "Little Cute Brown Baby." SuperSam is not in favor of this name, seeing as how "no one can know until someone is born what color that person is going to be." Lucy's number one suggestion is "Dude."

I think we need some other ideas. Feel free to make suggestions. If you need to see him before you can think of good names, here's a sneak peak:

Just one little baby, who will not be named after his body parts

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