Sunday, March 2, 2014

7 Quick Takes, 2 Days Late: The Awesome Train of Thought edition

Speaking of awesome, everything is. Awesome, that is. If you haven't seen The Lego Movie, you should. It's hilarious. We took Sam tonight on a Mama-Daddy-Sam date to his very first movie, and this movie was worthy of being someone's very first movie. It was great. The grown ups in the theater were laughing more than the kids.

Also, I'm adding the theme song to my running playlist.

In addition to going to movies and taking up swordfighting with paper towel tubes, Sam has been looking for more adventure in his life and has begun bathtub snorkeling (with the safety goggles from his dinosaur fossil excavation kit and a leftover juice box straw from his McDonald's Happy Meal).

He wants to try it at Lake Arrowhead.

I think we will probably be saved from watching him suck that algae-filled water into his mouth by the simple fact that when Lake Arrowhead opens for swimming, the juice box straw (and possibly the goggles, too) will have been lost for a long time already.

Sam has also begun reading my blog. He finds it by googling "survin our blessings."  I realized it when he referenced a post I'd written about Lucy and suddenly started using the word "rogue" (which he pronounces "ROG-yoo").  I don't think I use that word a lot (do I?), but he said this blog post is where he first saw it.


That seems like a reasonable way to pronounce it.

Speaking of pronouncing things (or mispronouncing them, as the case may be), this video is a hit at our house. Everyone keeps asking to watch it again and again. I'll post it here as a public service announcement in case we are the only Dupuys you know.

Now you try it. Doo-Pwee. It's not that bad. Not Deputy, Duppy, Doopy, DuPREE, or (my personal favorite) Dah-POO-Wee.

Tomorrow's forecast: more snow and ice.  I am not complaining, because I love snow and ice. Mostly I just need there to be enough that things get canceled and we can hang out at home in our jammies. Still, after being able to go without coats this weekend, even I will be ready for warmer weather when it finally gets here. I feel like winter is the hardest time to be a parent of small children. All the coats need zipping and half the mittens are always lost no matter how careful we are to put them away.

Does that happen to you all, too? And why is it that the moment when I just need them to wear one pink and one grey striped mitten is the one moment that my kids decide they really, really have to match?
Nora, who dressed herself in three shirts, a jacket, tights, and two pairs of legwarmers.

Speaking of colors and matching, I Love This Game. Lucy got it as a Valentine's gift from George's mom, and it's so much fun. Even Sam likes playing. You should get it for the two-year-old in your life.

(That's a Big Fat Amazon Affiliate Link. If you click through it and buy something, Amazon will pay me a tiny amount of money for promoting them. Even if you don't buy the game through that link, you should really get it somewhere.)

It's a large plush cube with a color on each side. The colors correspond to cards that have tasks on them...things like stomp your feet six times, or make a silly face, or find something that is blue. The child rolls the cube, picks a card with the matching color, and then completes the task. There is no winner, there is no time limit, and everyone in my house thinks it's the best thing ever.

Part of the reason I had kids was so I'd have someone to play games with me, so having one that even the two-year-olds can play makes my life wonderful.

Lent starts next week on Ash Wednesday. Starting tomorrow, I'm working with Bethanne's Best and Two O's Plus More to do a meatless meal linkup each Monday. I'll also have a post this coming Tuesday for all those of you who (like me) might not have figured out exactly what you're doing for Lent yet. Expect lots of ideas from people who are already on top of their stuff (and also an explanation from me about why it's okay if you aren't yet). All good things.

Also, if you haven't seen our Lent-stagram photo-a-day linkup yet, we'll be starting on Wednesday with a daily prompt based on the lectionary readings for the day. Come post your photos on Instagram, Twitter or your favorite social media outlet and make this community photo journal even better.

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