Thursday, March 6, 2014

Theme Thursday: Dirt (and #HolyLens)

I'm doing the double linkup thing and posting my #HolyLens cross photo for today's Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson.

It just so happens that all my windowsill herbs are dead, dead, dead. When we look out the window now, we see bare whiteness everywhere and bare dirt in the window.

I had a farmer scold me once for calling it "dirt." 

"You clean dirt," he said, eyes wide and serious. "If you grow things in it, it ain't dirt. It's soil."

Today, these pots just look like dirt to me.

I'm holding out hope, though- isn't that what Lent is for? I can actually hear snow melting today. My fingers are itching to get into the soil in my garden, and although I can't currently see it because of the snow, I know my chance will come.

You can't stop the spring. It is on its way.

In the meantime, why not take some photos to pass the days? You can join our Lent photo-a-day project by using the daily prompts as inspiration, sharing your photos on Instagram, Twitter or wherever you'd like to share them using the hashtag #HolyLens so we can find them. There are so many good ones already, and it's only Day 2!

Here are the prompts for the first week, in case you want to play along:


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