Sunday, April 13, 2014

#HolyLens: Prompts for Holy Week

It's finally here...Holy Week. The last week of our journey together this Lent. I've grown from seeing the world through your eyes (and your images) in the past six weeks. I hope you've found this project a helpful way to focus on some of the holy beauty that is present every day in our ordinary lives.

This week, our prompts run from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Please share these prompts in your circles and encourage people to join us, even if they haven't participated before now. Holy Week is a wonderful time to practice seeing the sacred in our everyday lives as we prepare for Easter.

Here are the prompts:

Keep sharing your wonderful photos on Instagram and other social media, but also feel free to link up your favorite photos here in the linkup below. You can share any photos from this Lent as well as the photos you take this week leading up to Easter.

Thank you for your participation and support of this project. I'm grateful for each of you who have spent time with us this Lent and hope you feel it was meaningful.

Have a blessed Holy Week.