Friday, June 20, 2014

Five-Minute Friday: Release

It's Five-Minute Friday again. Five minutes isn't very long, but it's long enough to catch your breath. Today's prompt is Release. Why not take five minutes and see what comes out? Not perfect writing, not writing without any mistakes...just the kind of writing that lets some of the pressure off our souls.


The walk to the mailbox isn't very far, but on a day like this, I can make it last just long enough.

The children are settled with their lunches at the table, the girls buckled safely into boosters with trays attached, their brother perched on his stool with one leg tucked under him. The noise is unbearable. I tell them I'm going to the mailbox and slip out the front door.

My feet instinctively pull away from the hot pavement on the driveway, sun-baked already by lunchtime, but I refuse to move over to the grass. I need to feel everything- to notice the haze hanging over the mountain to my right, which I can see again now that the neighbor has moved his new RV around to the side yard. My face feels tight and my lungs feel small as I try to draw deeper and deeper breaths, listening for the buzz of bees in the clover at my feet as I open the black plastic box.

It's like a doorway to someplace else, a place where things just show up...things that change just enough each day to make things different. Yesterday, some new books for homeschooling this coming year and a bill from the cable company. Today, a mortgage statement and a massive box of baby formula samples.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I probably won't need this midday walk to keep my head from exploding. Today, though, I pause for a minute and soak in the sunshine, squinting at the horizon and trying to guess if we'll have enough of a thunderstorm later that I can skip watering the tomatoes. One more deep breath, and then I make my way back, not quite retracing my steps as I cut through the grass to give my soles a break.

Stepping onto the porch, I glimpse them through the window, clustered at the table, laughing at each other. The scene (on mute) makes me pause and smile with my hand on the doorknob, and I go back in to be among them again.

Five Minute Friday

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