Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Start running toward us!" (Theme Thursday: Sports)

Our family has a lukewarm relationship with sports.

I wouldn't say we dislike sports. George and I have a small obsession with the Olympics (and may or may not have subscribed to cable just for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi). We are not-especially-fast runners of middle and long distances. I played defense on my high school field hockey team for a year and on my church youth group's softball team for several years (mostly in positions where I wouldn't encounter the ball too often). George was on various sports teams as a child, frequently as the kid that picks buttercups over in the outfield.

Our kids seem to be following in our footsteps. They enjoy being active and playing ball in the yard. Sam even survived one season of micro league soccer. I wouldn't describe any of them as particularly athletic, but they get around fine.

Where my offspring really seem to excel, though, is in inventing their own sports.

Take, for example, the recent development of the game "Start Running Toward Us."

It started last month. From the kitchen, I overheard shrieking followed by the thudthudthud of three pairs of feet thundering down the hall, then hysterical laughter. When I stepped out to see what was happening, they were standing at opposite ends of the hallway, running toward each other as fast as they could, and crashing in the middle.

The game evolved, as such games do, and is currently known as Joust Practice.

The participating knights lie down on the couch and pretend to sleep. One of them makes a beeping noise like an alarm clock, then sits bolt upright and calls out, "Oh, man! It's time for Joust Practice!" All three kids grab pillows from the sofa and take positions at opposite ends of the hallway. The Lead Knight yells out, "Start Running Toward Us!" and they take off, as fast as their short legs can go, colliding in the middle with their pillow "shields" raised for protection.

No actual jousting is involved...yet.

I was fortunate to capture some of their practice this afternoon. I offer it to you for today's Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson: Sports.

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