Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Theme Thursday: Bright (and {p, h, f, r})

I've been struggling lately to keep up with everything I want to be able to do. I guess it is my body's way of making me slow down a bit in preparation for this new baby's arrival in a few weeks. Anyone who has known me long, though, knows that I like to be doing things rather than wishing I were doing them, and it's been difficult these past few weeks to have to recognize that I just can't do everything I want to do right now.

As I've needed more time to rest, I've found less time to write here...and wouldn't you know it? My children still need the same amount of care, attention and love as they ever did. To-do list or no to-do list, they expect me to be at least somewhat present with them. 

Today, though, you get content (light content, but still! content!) and pictures. 

It's Theme Thursday at Clan Donaldson, and I'm linking up with a photo of this amazing, potentially life-changing bracelet my dear friend gave me as a birthday gift.

It's engraved with the prayer of St. Francis.

In my continued efforts to be less reactive and to create a climate of peace in my home, nothing could be more appropriate. I hope that seeing it and feeling it, bright and cool against my skin, will remind me to be kind and gentle with those around me.


Being kind and gentle (and using my quiet mommy voice) is not always easy around here, especially when things like this happen:


That is Lucy and Nora's room at approximately 10 pm on Tuesday night. George had a rehearsal, and I was very much looking forward to hanging out at the second online meeting of the Carrots Classic Book Club to discuss Brideshead Revisited. All the children were snug in their beds, and although I could hear the girls chatting to each other, I thought things were fine. Then Lucy started screaming, "I NEED my BLANKIE!"

It turned out Nora had taken the blankie and was holding it hostage in her bed.

They had emptied the (supposedly locked) wardrobe of all the new baby's clothes, their own clothes and shoes, and every diaper and wipe in the room and had covered the floor and themselves with diaper cream. Because they were obviously still quite awake (and smearing the diaper cream around on their faces), I had to clean everything up right away. George came home in the middle of the process and helped me set things right, but it took about an hour to get it all picked up.

Notice the delighted, completely unrepentant grin on Lucy's face.

It doesn't get much more real than that...unless poop is involved, which it wasn't. Small graces.


We visited my mom and stepdad for the Fourth of July weekend and awoke to this scene.

Sam, the always-early riser, had set up a guard station at the top of the stairs outside his sisters' room.

The sight of those little guys with their campfire and weapons made me so happy, I had to giggle.

And, speaking of giggling, this:


Our kids have been enjoying a lot of water play in the backyard. Most of it has just been turning the hose on each other and playing in a plastic pool. Lucy always insists on drinking out of the hose. They haven't yet mastered the skill of changing the spray to a more drinking-friendly setting, so this is what happens.

To change things up a bit, I'm joining the crowd at Like Mother, Like Daughter for {pretty, happy, funny, real}...although in my case, it's {pretty, real, happy, funny} today. 

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