Saturday, January 3, 2015

an Epiphany playlist just for you

I made you a little something. Happy tenth day of Christmas! Here's a little playlist of our favorite songs celebrating the wise men, the star of Bethlehem, and the ongoing feast of Christmas. Enjoy.

Is your family doing anything special for Epiphany? You could catch up on your Christmas picture book reading with these booklists from Two Os Plus more and Molly Makes Do or make preparations to bless your house for the new year. We missed doing this last year, but we have everything ready for participating in the tradition on Sunday night.

Whatever you do, if you're still celebrating Christmas, you're in good company. Just because the world has mostly moved on (with Valentines and Easter candy already out in our local superstore), we can still enjoy what remains of the feast of Christmas.

Want to read more about when Christmas really ends? Try this article from Aleteia.

And for a personal epiphany post from one of my favorite bloggers, try this post from Micaela at California to Korea about the accidental New Year's resolution that changed her life.

Happy Epiphany to you and yours (and Christmas, ongoing)!