Friday, January 23, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: Share

There is still a little bit of Christmas left around here...mostly the kind I've hidden away in a drawer because it's too nice for the kids to eat. It has a high cacao content, or it was expensive, or my friend/mother/husband gave it to me (just to me) special because I really, really like chocolate.

I never meant to be that mother who hides in the laundry room with a handful of chocolate chips on a particularly tough afternoon. Some days, like today, the constant bickering and hair-pulling and shoving and tattling can make a mama cry. Sometimes, I do. Sometimes, I yell instead. Today, that bit of Christmas in the kitchen seemed just the thing.

So I got it out. I whacked it to break it apart, I carefully peeled back the foil, and I passed out smooth, fruit-shaped wedges to each of them. "Let's share it," I told them. After we'd licked our fingers (and I'd washed mine) I played all their favorite songs until they were yawning and heavy-eyed. 

The house feels peaceful. No one is yelling or crying. It might have been the Christmas...or it might have been the sharing. Either way, I'll take it.

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