Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real {p,h,f,r}

Sometimes I do this thing where I think, "Oh, I'll link up with Auntie Leila for {p,h,f,r} and get a quick post in."

That is NOT a good way to get in a quick post. I end up scrolling through photos and playing with filters, and before I know it, nap time has evaporated and all the children are clamoring for snacks.

Snacks are important. More important than blogging. So today, I am actually doing a quick post with some hastily taken photos. Then I'm going to lie on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea and probably fall asleep.

It's not the book's fault that I'll fall asleep. We can safely blame my tiredness lately on binge-watching episodes of Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I know- I should know better than to stay up too late- but it is just so good! 

The book I'm buried in now is Alessandro Manzoni's The Betrothed. It is long. I was concerned that it would be too dense. So far, though, it is a surprisingly fascinating page turner. I am glad I decided not to try to keep up with those of you who are reading Les Miserables right now, though...this is enough heavy-tome-with-small-print to last me a while.

The print is small enough, in fact, that I finally had to admit defeat and get reading glasses. They're the cheap-but-not-cheapest ones from Target (because the largeheadedness trait shared by all my children didn't come to them in a vacuum, and I had to spring for the spring hinges to be comfy).


I think they are zebra print. The case is definitely zebra print. Whatever...I made it this far without owning any animal print but a bathrobe. I'll survive. 

That's real, y'all. 

I get dizzy when I look away from the book if I'm wearing them. Eyeglass Wearers- does that go away? (And yes, I know I should get my eyes checked by a professional. We shall call this a stopgap measure.)


I have a thing for bright colors, especially in my kitchen. Lately, our glasses have all been breaking - I guess they have finally realized they are cheap (from Target and IKEA) and that we have had them for almost 14 years. Anyway, they need replacing, and rather than go out and buy a whole set of matchy ones, I've decided to finally just get what I've always wanted: vintage sour cream glasses. I'm piecing together a collection a bit at a time. 

I plan to drink nothing but water (and possibly lemonade) from now on, because they are just so lovely. 


The kids and I spent the morning today on the sofa, reading book after book after book. This is the best way to spend a chilly morning, of course, but it is somewhat rare that all four of them agree to do it together. SuperSam said (when we finally had to get up for lunch), "This is my idea of a perfect day."

That's my boy. 

I recently discovered the blog StrongHaven, where Lizzie is doing a fun challenge to read 365 picture books this year. We are starting out late, but we almost never read just one picture book at a sitting, so we are joining up. I will keep a list on the blog of what we have read (under the "Bookshelf" tab, which isn't there yet, but will be soon). We are also participating in Read-Aloud Revival's Read Aloud Streak (mostly because we already read aloud every day, and I thought it would be fun to see the calendar fill up with marks).

It's sometimes hard to be a recovering Type A stay at home parent. It's an ongoing challenge for me (anyone else?) - so much of our work is repetitive and so much of what we do is hard to quantify. Rather than ignore my Type A-ness and feel frustrated about it, I'm focusing on relaxing and enjoying my time with my kids while indulging my need for checklists when I can. A reading streak is right up my alley. Think of all those little rows of boxes, each neatly marked with its makes me kind of tingly just thinking about it.


This is an old one. That's what happens when I do a photo post. Anyway, the twins! Look how little they are! And matching sweaters! They're feeding each other mint leaves from our garden. This was at the height of their toddler naughtiness, and it's good to look back now and see that those days were actually short-lived. Hang in there, Rosie, and other twin toddler moms. It gets better. Soonish. And then you get this:

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that they are Laura and Mary Ingalls celebrating Christmas. Obviously.

Linking up with the folks at Like Mother, Like Daughter today (and if you haven't heard Auntie Leila's interview on the Fountains of Carrots podcast, you should. Really. I consider that interview a help to my ongoing effort to focus on what is pure, lovely, excellent and praiseworthy.)

Happy Thursday!