Friday, March 6, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: Gather


There's something about an opening book that makes them all come running. They clamber over the cushions, vying for the best positions on either side of the open pages where they can most easily see the pictures. Those who can't squeeze right up next to me end up behind me, sitting on the back of the sofa...and although every mother bone in my body wants to tell them to get down, I usually let it slide.

Everyone wants to see. What fun is a picture book if you can't see the pictures? And although I could read like a librarian, upside down with the book facing out, part of the fun of being mama is being able to cuddle up snug while we read, the book facing us like a friend in conversation instead of turned round the other way.

I give them a moment to get settled (sometimes, several moments)- they tug on the covers and arrange their dolls and dinosaurs and Jedi just so- until finally I ask them, "Is everyone sitting comfortably?"

They are.

And so we begin, losing ourselves in the story and forgetting for a moment whatever troubles the morning might have held. We are transported. We are together. We are united, readers in love with reading. The simplicity and purity of this act of sharing a story together can erase any bad feelings that might have come before.

It's my favorite part about being their mama. It is one of the things I do best. And so, no matter what else we have to do today, we're going to make time to read out loud. We are story people. This is what we do, because that's who we are.

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