Friday, April 24, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: HIDE.

Today's Five-Minute Friday is HIDE. You can join us in our quest to write freely for five minutes (without over-editing or backtracking) and share in the community at Kate's. Everyone is welcome.

"Why is is that we all think we're the only ones feeling like this?"

It was typed into a message box on facebook, because it's easier to have these conversations where we can't see each other's eyes...on the phone, texting, or hiding behind our sunglasses on the days we manage to drag ourselves out to a park playdate.

Why, indeed. Why are we hiding from each other? Why is it so important that we always seem to have ourselves together? Why can't we admit to each other how hard this mothering gig is sometimes?

God didn't make mothers for solitary confinement. Even Jesus had twelve people around him. Twelve! There are days when even one close confidant would make a huge difference for most of us.  In those moments when I'm standing over my kids with clenched teeth and fighting back tears at how hard this all is, I can imagine the relief it would be to tell someone that I'm struggling...that sometimes I don't know how I'm going to make it until dinner time...that sometimes at nap time I eat more than one handful of chocolate chips.

The thing is, we can choose to stop hiding. We can do the minimum that it takes to get ourselves out of the house even on the worst days. We can take off our sunglasses, look at each other's eyes, really see what's there, and accept the grace extended to us by another mother who has been right where we are, right now. And we should. Maybe accepting grace from someone else will help us extend it to ourselves. We are loved. We are worthy. Our work is hard, and we are doing a good job.

We don't have to go it alone. Let's reach out and help each other.

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