Friday, May 15, 2015

Five-Minute Friday: FOLLOW

I'm squeezing in a Five-Minute Friday in the last few minutes of this Friday night, before Saturday shows up and reminds me why I should not stay up so late!


I've watched him read a recipe many times, but this is the first time I let him follow it himself.
(Well, almost.)
I couldn't keep my mouth shut when he almost left out the flour...when he almost put the eggs in the wrong bowl...when he said he planned to use the leftover butter from the butter dish instead of the two sticks needed because he couldn't find any more butter in the refrigerator.
(it was on the shelf)
What should I have done? Let him mess them up? Was I wrong to help him along this time? Could his sensitive, self-critical heart have handled it if his first solo batch of cookies ended up in the trash can?
How humbling it is to see my own faults reflected in someone so young, someone I have the responsibility of guiding and helping to cope with flaws he came by so honestly...
So I reminded him about the flour. I pointed to the right bowl before he dumped the eggs. I opened the refrigerator and got out the butter.
The cookies came out fine- not perfect, but perfectly edible.
He came out fine, too...and he said, "Now I really feel like a big kid."

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