Thursday, May 7, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

I woke up this morning absolutely certain that it must be Friday by now...and it isn't. It's Thursday.

(How does one avoid feeling a tinge of disappointment when it is Thursday instead of Friday?)

This bothers me. One day of the week is not inherently worse than another. I must fight back against my early morning grumpiness with photos of things that are lovely, praiseworthy and excellent.

(Well, mostly.)


This time of year, the sun sets over the mountain directly behind our kitchen and blazes through the window and sliding glass door for an hour beforehand. It means we close the curtains for dinner so no one will be blinded...but just look! Ignore the dirty window, please- that's not the pretty part.


Happy Easter! No, really- it still is Easter for a bit longer. I have trouble sometimes keeping the Easter feeling going strong, so I'm trying this year to do a few concrete things to remind myself and my family that Easter is still in effect. One of those is keeping out the plastic eggs for playtime. Turns out Felix really, really likes the plastic eggs...enough to sit and play with them while we make dinner. This makes me smile! And just look at that leg chub.


We went on a hike this week to check out spring in the valley below. My allergies were crazy from all the pollen covering every surface, and the kids were alternately whiny or shooting each other with blasters made from sticks as they pretended to be Storm Troopers. Then, we discovered this piece of wisdom:

A rock with an important message to share. Pithy, right?

Kids' reactions:
   Lucy: (gasp!) Someone wrote on that rock!
   Nora: (with a gleam in her eye) You can write on rocks??
   Sam: (narrowing his eyes) They should have said "is." People don't think the universe IS the way it IS, but it IS. But I guess that would be a lot of Izzes. (shrugs shoulders)

Ah, yes. Funny.


Sam has been astonished by the rocks that have been arriving in our mailbox from all over the place. This box is from California, from Bobbi at Revolution of Love and her sons. They went on a hike, too, and they picked up rocks especially for Sam (and sent pictures of where they found them). It was amazing.

I haven't been astonished, exactly, but I've been so delighted at all the people we have never met face to face who have helped Sam with this project. It's wonderful, this bond among bloggers. We are real friends to each other. These relationships we've made by getting to know one another through our blogs are the real thing. Meeting some of my favorite bloggers last weekend in person at the Mid-Atlantic Catholic Women's Blogging Conference just confirmed that for me. I'm so grateful for all of you.

Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter for {pretty, happy, funny, real} today...because it's good to remember that life is beautiful (and occasionally odd, and often funny).