Saturday, May 16, 2015

Quick springtime fun: Sidewalk Paint

We needed a quick activity this afternoon that would draw all three big kids outside. There was a small window of time before it might rain, and I wanted them to get out and stay out so I could clean up a bit while the baby boy napped.

We decided to make sidewalk paint! Have you ever done it? It's so easy, I will probably do it again tomorrow.

Here's how:

1 cup cornstarch
1 cup warm water
Mix well.
Pour into a muffin tin, dividing evenly.
Add food coloring to each cup and mix well.
This made enough for six muffin cups of paint.

Paint all the things!
The paint works best on stone, blacktop, rocks, and (surprise) sidewalks.
The kids also had fun painting their wooden swingset, but the paint kind of beaded up and didn't stick around long.

This paint is very washable, but food coloring can stain clothes and hands. Wear old clothes just in case.

Have you made homemade sidewalk paint (with this recipe or a different one)? How did it turn out?